Employees produce some of their most productive work when they are away from their desks. Meeting together in conference rooms facilitates teaching staff new skills, conducting annual performance reviews, signing new clients, and brainstorming the business’s annual strategy. Wired conference tables enable everyone to stay connected and interact seamlessly with those in the room and others virtually throughout the meeting.

There are several key elements to consider when you design the technology for use in your conference room. Set up and usage needs to be simple and straightforward. Employees will become frustrated if time is wasted trying to display a presentation or connect to a meeting. The most obvious solution is providing multiple technology options available.

Credit: OFS Brands - Slate Table

Credit: OFS Brands – Slate Table

Functional and Flexible Technology Options

A chaotic clutter of cables and cords under or draped across conference is not only unsightly and unprofessional but dangerous. When team members compete for the few out-of-reach power outlets, frustrations arise. Presenters should not have to struggle to find access to audio visual equipment: wired conference tables eliminate these problems. Options available to simplify your technology requirements include:

  • Built-in A/V power box – Extends audio and video, communications, and power to point-of-use
  • Cable retractors – Accommodates retractable cables to keep everything organized and safe
  • Under table wire management – Protects and secures cords and cables underneath the conference table, keeping them from becoming tangled or caught in chairs
  • Transition channels – Operates with other conference room solutions to provide a safe, discreet method to bring technology and power from infrastructure to point-of-use.

Wired conference tables offer intelligent, integrated solutions for today’s sophisticated multimedia presentations and conferences. This enables you to keep audio and video cabling and wires out of sight and organized. It also offers employees and presenters easy access to data and power.

OFS Brands - Eleven Table

Credit: OFS Brands – Eleven Table with Trace Technology

Table and Data Options

Utilizing a suite of intelligent, stylish, integrated, and highly adaptable conference room solutions will keep cabling and wires out of sight, contained, and organized while providing better access to the critical audio and video services, communication, and power services to facilitate enhanced productivity. Some options to consider include:

  • Access Doors – Hide plugs under a hatch built directly into the conference table top
  • Pop-ups – Spring activated, less expensive than powered units and equally reliable
  • Table edge systems – Low profile, designed to be mounted underneath the rim of the conference table
  • Power trough – Conveniently hide cords and wires in a compartment that rests just below the table’s surface; they are innovative and elegant

With today’s high-tech demands for conference rooms and training centers, advanced power and communication capabilities for video, voice, data, and power are essential requirements. State-of-the-art wired conference tables meet complex and basic technology and training needs.

Increasing Productivity

Excellent use of your conference room area encourages your employees to be more creative and productive when working in teams. Your conference room should provide the proper equipment, offer comfortable furniture, and utilize a good design for your employees to feel at ease and strengthen teamwork capabilities.

Integrating Technology with Collaboration

Regardless of which design you select, power connections are simple to setup and use by just plugging one cord into a wall outlet. Moreover, table bases conceal and maintain the power cords, providing a sleek and aesthetic look for cord management. The clean lines and classic styling of wired conference tables make them the perfect fit for any office use.

Don’t let your conference room design be an afterthought. Make sure to put time and effort into conference room solutions when considering office plans. A high-quality conference room can significantly impact your meetings by affecting the mood in the room. Don’t sacrifice productivity or lose sales because of a poor meeting room design. Wired conference room tables provide the ideal meeting space for your next gathering.


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