Frequently Asked Questions

We're taking the guesswork out of furniture buying.
Do you have a variation of furniture styles to meet my needs?

Yes! During your initial consultation, you tell us what kind of look you’re going for and we’ll get to work putting together a design that fits your needs and budget. We work with a wide variety of manufacturers, covering traditional wood to modern glass and chrome and everything in between.

What are my fabric options?

Most of our upholstered items have several options to choose from at no additional charge. If you don’t like what you see in the standard collection, then we can certainly find a fabric option to suit your needs.

Our textiles and fabrics  are rated from infrequent use up to hospital standards and 24/7 usage.

What is the warranty on the items I purchase?

Warranties vary from one manufacturer to the next, but most of our products are certified for up to 10 years and several have lifetime warranties.

When making your decision, as us for warranty information on individual items.

Is loaner furniture an option?

Absolutely. If you need to send a piece of furniture for repairs or are waiting on a replacement, we have no problem sending a loaner to your location.

What is the Creative Office Furniture return policy?

We design your office furniture to meet your exact specifications. That means every order we place is custom and cannot be returned. If we receive an item that has been damaged, we will do what we can to either fix it or order a replacement.


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