No matter how big or small your workspace is, the key to getting the most out of your office furniture lies in the ability to compromise. In our experience, innovative concepts and solutions can be applied to almost any situation as long as you remain open-minded regarding the design.

Although style and décor play a major role in this process, those who are serious about maximizing productivity cultivate a strong focus on efficiency rather than visual appeal. Before delving into the finer details of your design, consider the following list of suggestions for organizing your office

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Take Advantage of Flexible Design Concepts

A growing trend in office furniture is the availability of free-standing fixtures and flexible designs. Basically, this involves the use of tabletops or seating that can be rearranged to accommodate your needs. This is an ideal option for people who frequently hold meetings or require separate work stations within one office space.

Popular forms of free-standing fixtures include portable conference tables and rolling office chairs, but the dependence of modern technology on a source of power has inspired some new developments as well. Companies can now invest in workstations or tabletops with built-in electrical ports to eliminate dangerous and unsightly wires.

The Benefits of Windows and Walls

Depending on what you have to work with, it can be difficult to turn the negative characteristics of your office into something constructive that you can use. At Creative Office Furniture, our experts know just how to tackle these challenges and are always available to help you troubleshoot a design.

One of the most frequent scenarios we encounter is a room without windows, a problem some people would choose to remedy by hanging artwork on the walls. Instead, we suggest that you use a warm color palette to brighten the room and utilize the additional wall space for filing cabinets or secure shelving. On the other hand, rooms with too many windows might benefit from free-standing workstations that feature built-in storage similar to a traditional desk or cubicle.

Focus on Long-Term Durability

Another aspect of achieving maximum efficiency in the workplace is investing your resources wisely when it comes to office furniture and upgrades. Before purchasing a product, be sure to research the price and durability of different materials so you know what to expect over a period of time. Just because some furniture is fancy or expensive doesn’t mean it will hold up well after continuous use.

If you are thinking about refurnishing your office, there are many options now available for finishes and upholstery that are both affordable and attractive. In fact, many of our clients prefer to incorporate laminate, vinyl or cloth upholstery to promote easy cleaning and a long lifespan. In addition, synthetic materials don’t require as much care as wood or leather and are guaranteed to withstand extensive wear and tear.

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Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

The final suggestion we make to our clients is to get rid of equipment, paperwork and supplies that are no longer necessary. This includes excessive office equipment, unfiled documents, broken electronics or any other item that is not being used in your office. If you cannot justify throwing certain things away, consider donating them or rent a storage unit to open up more space.

In some cases, all you need to do is come up with a new way to organize the things that are already in your office. For example, pens and pencils should be neatly placed in a holder or drawer while a designated inbox and outbox takes care of scattered or lost files.

We at Creative Office Furniture offer a wide range of productivity accessories like paper sorters, keyboard and pencil trays, lateral files, and even wardrobe towers and storage lockers. To optimize the efficiency of your office, all you have to do is look beyond the obvious obstacle and stay true to the fundamental purpose of your design.


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