The right office desk can drastically increase your productivity in both direct and indirect ways. In fact, more and more professionals are turning to multiple desks. Just as a writer might have one computer dedicated only to writing, some professionals prefer to have one desk for technological tasks such as computer work and another desk for tasks such as sketching or making phone calls. Even if you have only one desk, here are five ways in which it stands to improve your productivity.

1. The Office Desk Is Comfortable

This factor may seem too obvious to need mentioning, but you might be surprised at how many people overlook small chunks of discomfort with their desks. For instance, we at Creative Office Furniture have chatted with people who resorted to extreme measures like duct tape to keep down frayed edges or improvised holes to create wire management. Comfortable desks naturally enhance productivity. When you’re in the flow, you continue that way. You don’t get interrupted by the desk rubbing your skin when you type.

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2. The Desk Is Height Appropriate

We’ve also talked with people who had desks with heights they could not adjust but desperately needed to. Adjustable height desk options include hand cranks, pneumatic controls, motorized legs, and you can even find a desk to be retrofitted with your existing furniture. Don’t want to sit for long periods of time? Think about standing or walking desks.

3. The Desk Is Stylish

You might have the most comfortable desk in the world, but if you don’t like how it looks or how it blends in with your other office furniture, then you’re not in the best mindset to be productive. You’ll start each day grumbling to yourself, “I wish I could have a desk that looks better.” On the other hand, when you walk into the office in the morning and see a gleaming, sleek and stylish desk, you get an immediate mental boost. This is one case in which looks are definitely not a superficial attribute. Consider factors such as the type of industry you work in as well as desk material, color and finish.

4. The Desk Matches Your Organizational Style

Of course, “well organized” has different meanings for different people. An extremely organized person might appreciate a large U-shaped desk with pigeon hole storage and paper sorters because of the added productivity boost. In addition, the desk might have enough space for you to prop up photographs of loved ones to encourage you to be more productive. On the other hand, a lesser-organized person with the same desk might not get the same mental boost due to overflowing stacks of papers and hunting for items that cannot be located.

In such cases, it might be best to keep items elsewhere in an organizational scheme that better matches the person’s personality. It’s true that some people are great at making do with the space they have, while those with too much space will create clutter to match what is available. This one really comes down to personality and personal preference.

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5. The Desk Takes Up the Appropriate Amount of Space

Your desk does not help you be productive if it’s so big that it leaves only a tiny amount of space in the rest of your office for essential tasks. Depending on your job, you may need space to meet with people (a small table and chairs to the side, for example). Many people also benefit from having plants and decorations in their offices, and a desk that discourages such actions, either because it is too wide or too tall, or both, may not be the best idea. In fact, one productivity tip is to have the wall behind your desk painted green because it makes you more creative. A tall desk means you can’t see the wall.

There’s no doubt that having the right office desk can provide a tangible increase in your productivity. In fact, having the right office furniture as a whole gives your company a huge morale boost.


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