Insolroll solar shards

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Here at Creative Office Furniture, we do more than just “office furniture.” When you come to us to get your office outfitted, we can help you with everything from cubicles to carpet tiles and even window shades.

Which brings us to our Manufacturer Spotlight, where we’re highlighting Insolroll Solar Shades. Their catch phrase, “Block the sun, not the view,” is just the kind of fresh thinking we thrive on here at Creative Office.

Our clients are always looking for ways to extend the life of their office furniture; what better way than with solar shades that block the sun’s harmful radiation.

Insolroll window treatments

© Insolroll

Whether you’re interested in motorized shades for larger windows or pull chains for a small office, Insolroll packs a lot of innovation into a small space. Their shades block UV, infrared, and visible light; all without blocking that beautiful view from your office.

Of course, there’s more to these shades than their aesthetic look. Insolroll Solar Shades can reduce glare; effectively reducing eye fatigue. Reflective solar shades can help reduce the amount of heat that eminates from your office windows; and with customizable looks, your shades can be just as trendy as the rest of your office.

Insolroll window shades

© Insolroll

Is your office on the ground floor of a high traffic area? Think of the potential to have your logo or special messages printed directly onto your retractable shades.

Don’t neglect window treatments when upgrading your office. Insolroll Solar Shades are functional and attractive — from the inside out!

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