It has been said that comfortable employees are more likely to be productive employees. But where’s the research to back this claim?

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) shared the results from a recent study, and their numbers indicate that “compensation was the only aspect of their jobs people found less satisfactory than physical workspace.”

Sure, a great job description can attract the right candidates, but what sort of impression does your office make on first time visitors? Is your reception area open and inviting? What’s on the walls of the corridor as the potential employee heads to your office for their interview? Are they walking by cubicles that are falling apart and sitting in a chair that is on its last legs?


Investing in your employees is of paramount importance; and that includes providing a comfortable work environment that allows them to focus on furthering the company instead of wondering when they can get up from their desk again.

Contrary to popular belief, updating your office furniture does not have to break the bank. Start small by updating your task and ergonomic seating.

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