Several factors go into setting a budget for your office furniture purchase; but are you overlooking a big piece by not including shipping and delivery?

We understand that sometimes our clients are working with a strict budget, and we will do our part to provide the desired look on budget. However, high quality, custom office furniture is heavy, and freight charges can add a significant cost.

In order to give you exactly what you want, we may work with more than one manufacturer to outfit your office. When that happens, freight can vary dramatically from one to the next. Some manufacturers work exclusively with one freight service, while another may or may not charge freight based on how much product is being shipped.

Depending on lead time, your furniture order is delivered to our warehouse within 4 – 6 weeks, where it is assembled and loaded onto one of our trucks before making its way to your office. Our professional team of installers can have your furniture installed during normal business hours, or even after hours when necessary. Whether your installation takes a few hours or a few days, we’ll finish what we started and leave you satisfied with your beautiful, new office space.

Not sure how much should be added to your budget for freight and furniture delivery charges? Get in touch with us for a quote!

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