Congrats! You’ve finally secured your new (or new to you) space and the powers that be don’t want to keep any of their existing office furniture. Now what?

That’s where we come in! At Creative Office Furniture, our sales staff has over 20 years of experience outfitting offices large and small. Regardless of the size of your office space, we’re going to ask for some significant information which will allow us to get started on the design.

Do You Have a CAD Drawing or Floorplan?

We have an in-house designer that is responsible for space planning and she’ll need this information in order to begin. If a floorplan or CAD file is not available, we will schedule a time to come out and measure the space ourselves.

Client Space in Sugar Land, TX

Client Space in Sugar Land, TX

What is Your Office Culture?

Would your employees benefit from a more relaxed, open office trendy feel or would something a little more traditional best suit your space? We like to learn a bit more about your style so that we can make sure we provide options that are in line with your look.

What is the Timeframe?

Do you have a hard move date that is fast approaching or are you getting budgetary pricing for a space that won’t be completed for several months? Your move-in date is a determining factor in which products and manufacturers we will suggest for your space. Some items are fully customized and come with a 4-month lead time (like our Inscape Walls) while other items are in-stock and available within a week.

What is Your Office Furniture Budget?

This is likely the most dreaded question when shopping. What is often the case with office furniture is that it tends to be more expensive than people realize. But that doesn’t mean that you can get good looking, quality furniture at an affordable price. Sticking to laminate instead of wood veneers can provide significant savings, as can leaving room in your budget for the cost of delivery and installation.

3D Color Rendering

3D Color Rendering

A consultation can range from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on the size of your space and how much of the above information you already have on hand. Once we’ve got a grasp, it takes 2-4 business days to get you a quote. Along with the pricing, you’ll also receive our version of your floorplan, a line drawing, and a 3D color rendering of what your new space.

Nearly every new space we have the pleasure to serve is filled with custom configurations and textiles that are designed specifically with you in mind. When you’re ready to furnish your perfect office, we’ll be happy to help.


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Jasmin handles Internet sales and digital marketing here at Creative Office Furniture. She’s been a valuable member of the Creative team since March 2014.

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