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Here at Creative Office Furniture, we understand what it means to be dynamic and creative. We know what goes in to the design process and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to have the resources and support you need to get your project finished.

With over 28 years of experience in the Architecture & Design industry, our team is well versed in available options and our lasting relationships with manufacturers make us your best option to get the job done.

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Inscape System Download Brochure

Inscape System
Download Brochure

Inscape Benching Download Brochure

Inscape Benching
Download Brochure

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OFS Eleven Collabrative
Download Brochure


OFS Eleven Collaborative
Download Brochure


Inscape – Interval
Download Brochure


Inscape – Seamless
Download Brochure


Inscape – Addwall
Download Brochure

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Intrigue – Download Brochure

La Moye

La Moye – Download Brochure


Shamrock – Download Brochure

Leaf Lounge

Leaf Lounge – Download Brochure

Leaflette Bench

Leaflette Bench – Download Brochure

Domo Lounge

Domo Lounge – Download Brochure

Domo Bench

Domo Bench – Download Brochure

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Caprice – Download Brochure


Collier – Download Brochure

Veneto SB

Veneto SB – Download Brochure

a-d-brands OFS
Attention to detail with a focus on beautiful and functional design is what sets OFS apart. Furniture plays a large role in a company’s office culture, and OFS believes that interior design should be at the core of any business environment.

Founded in 1966, Lowenstein has been a market leader for over 40 years with their progressive and unique designs. Lowenstein is constantly evolving and adapting to new office cultures while maintaining their mantra of great design that inspires.

Quality design and construction have kept Carolina at the top of the healthcare furniture market for close to 70 years. Their intuitive designs provide both public and patient areas with forward-thinking furniture solutions that foster a positive healing experience.

First Office
First Office prides itself on staying ahead of the office solution curve by always delivering furniture that is both functional and fresh.

Divi-match6Whether you’ve got your own CAD drawings or need to start from scratch, our in-house design team will be with you from concept to installation. We will even come out and measure your space ourselves, if need-be: whatever it takes to make the process as seamless as possible.